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Benteng Kuto Besak

Location : -

Kuto Besak is the building of the palace in the eighteenth century became the center of Palembang Sultanate. The idea of establishing Kuto Besak initiated by Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I who ruled in 1724-1758 and execution of construction completed by his successor, Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin who ruled in 1776-1803. Sultan Mahmud Bahauddin this is a figure of Palembang Darussalam Sultanate realistic and practical in international trade, as well as a religious teacher who makes Palembang as a center of religious literature in the archipelago. Marking its role as a sultan, he moved from Keraton Kuto Kuto Lamo to Besak. Dutch call Kuto Besak as Nieuwe alias palace new palace.

Kuto Besak can be reached by taxi directly at the airport Kuto Besak. (Hem)


Bukit Siguntang

Location : kelurahan Bukit Lama, Kecamatan Ilir Barat I

Bukit Siguntang is a historic place in the city of Palembang . At the top of the hill there are some graves were believed to be the ancestors of the people of Palembang. Until now, the hill with a height of 29-30 meters altitude above sea level , is still considered sacred by the local community. Usually visitors who come will perform the pilgrimage ritual to the tombs of the nobles Palembang ancient times.

Jembatan Ampera

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Ampera Bridge is a bridge in the city of Palembang, South Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Ampera Bridge, which has become a kind of emblem of the city, located in the middle of the city of Palembang, linking the area Seberang Ulu and Ilir separated by the Musi River.)

Ampera bridge can be reached by taxi airport straight toward the bridge Ampera. (siti)

Pulau Kemaro

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Kemaro Island, is a little on the Musi River Delta, located about 6 km from Ampera Bridge. Kemaro Island is located in the industrial area, which is between Sriwijaya Fertilizer Plant and Pertamina Plaju and Gerong River. Kemaro Island is about 40 km from the city of Palembang. Kemaro Island is a place of recreation headliner on the Musi River. In this place there is a Chinese temple (temple Hok Tjing Rio). Island Kemaro there are also Buddhist temples frequented by Buddhists to pray or visit the tomb. There are also often held events Cap Go Meh every Chinese New Year.

The appeal of Kemaro is 9-storey pagoda towering in the middle of the island. The building is newly built in 2006. In addition there is a pagoda pagoda already there used to be. Shrine Hok Tjing Rio or better known as Kuan Yin temple built since 1962. In front of the pagoda there is the tomb of Tan Bun An (Prince) and Siti Fatimah (daughter) are side by side. Their love story Both of you become a legend of this island formation.

Kemaro island can be reached by taxi airport straight towards the Ampera Bridge and ride a boat to the island Kemaro

Sungai Musi

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Musi River is a river located in the province of South Sumatra, Indonesia. With a length of 750 km, is the longest river on the island of Sumatra and Palembang divides the city into two parts. Ampera bridge that became an icon of Palembang was passed over this river. Since the days of the kingdom of Srivijaya until now, the river is known as the main means of transportation for the community.

Musi River can be reached by taxi airport directly to the river Musi or directions Kuto Besak. (Kuroro)

Taman Kambang Iwak

Location : Jalan Tasik Palembang

Parks Kambang Iwak is a city park that has existed since the 1900s. Parks were originally built for the people of Dutch descent as a place of this sport, has a lake in the middle. In addition to functioning as an ornamental garden, artificial lake also has a practical function as a place to accommodate the overflow of rain water, so as to ward off floods.

In Palembang, Kambang Iwak a favorite place for those who want to exercise in the morning while recreation, without the cost or free. Here there is a jogging track, also a pool with an area of about 750 meters. Not only that, there is also provided recreational facilities, including a playground for teenagers and children.

Iwak Kambang park can be reached by taxi airport straight towards the park Kambang Iwak

Taman Pelangi

Location : Jakabaring

Taman Pelangi is a tourist spot located evening Dekranasda Jakabaring Complex Palembang. Rainbow Garden was inaugurated by the Governor of South Sumatra Palembang H.Alex Noerdin on September 27, 2014 and named the Rainbow Garden Sriwijaya. Previous Taman Pelangi have been first built in major cities in Indonesia including Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Surabaya.