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Palembang is one of the major cities in Indonesia and is the provincial capital of South Sumatra. Palembang is a city in Indonesia, this is based on inscriptions found in the Bukit Kedukan Siguntang Hill west of Palembang. Siguntang hill located in the western part of the city of Palembang, until now a lot of people are still sacred and considered as a former shrine in the past. Pallawa letter inscriptions and ancient Malay language uses it to mention that the city of Palembang.

Palembang is famous as a city of industry and trade city. Palembang geographical position which is located on the banks of the Musi River and not far from the Strait of Bangka. This has become a very lucrative natural gift. Although not located on the waterfront, the city of Palembang can be reached by ships from abroad. Especially with the bungle and Redondo Pier Ladder Sei Lais. In addition, the city of Palembang is famous as the old town, which was once a Buddhist education center. Formerly, a glorious kingdom named 'Sriwijaya' are in this city. There are still many relics of the kingdom of Srivijaya scattered throughout the city and surrounding areas, and these sites still have not been neglected, such as Beteng Kuto Besak even being debated due to be a place of commerce.

Geographically, the city of Palembang is located between 2º 52 '- 3º 5' latitude and 104º 37'- 104º52 "BT with an area of 400.61 km ² with boundaries as follows:

• Northern Limit: Banyuasin.

• South Boundary: Ogan Ogan Ilir and Banyuasin.

• East Limit: Banyuasin.

• West Limit: Banyuasin, Muara Enim and Ogan Ogan Ilir.

Palembang city composed of 16 districts and 107 village with a population of 1,708,413 inhabitants (2012). Districts with the largest area is the District Sukarami (98.56 km ²), while the smallest area districts with the District Ilir Barat (6.5 km ²). Districts with the highest population densities are in the district of Ilir Timur I (13 882 inhabitants / km ²), while districts with the lowest population density namely Sub Gandus (766 people / km ²) .

Here are some list of tourist attractions that can be visited as a reference when you visit the city of Palembang.


1. Ampera Bridge.

2. Kuto Besak.

3. Musi River.

4. Monpera (Monument People's Suffering).

5. The Great Mosque of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I Palembang.

6. KIF Park (Kambang Iwak Family).

7. Pulo Kemaro.

8. Archaeological Park Hill Siguntang.

9. Punti Kayu Forest.

10. Tekurep crater.

11. Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Museum.

12. Textile Museum.

13. Cheng Ho Mosque Palembang.

14. Balaputradewa Museum.

15. Kampung Kapitan.

16. Kampung Ulu Arab Al Munawwar 13.

17. Good Yellow.

18. Craft Centre Songket.

19. Fantasy Island.

20. Jakabaring Sport City.

21. Gerong River.

22. Waterboom OPI Jakabaring.

23. Museum PeninggaKerajaan Sriwijaya.