Arts & Cultures

Pakaian Adat Provinsi Sumatera Selatan

South Sumatra man wearing traditional clothing in the form of a crown, tiered necklace with typical clothes. He also wore long pants and songket in the middle of the body.

Women wear clothes that are similar to the male, the crown, the necklace stacking, pending and bracelets on both hands. She nevertheless wear songket circular in the middle of the body and berkain songket. This outfit worn for the wedding ceremony

Rumah Adat Limas

The traditional house called Rumah Limas South Sumatera, he is the home stage, to the abode of the bangasawan. Rumah Limas tiered five with meaningful Five Gold, that grandeur, harmony and peace, courtesy, safe and fertile, and prosperous. Golden Gate must exist on each Rumah Limas.

Tari Gending Sriwijaya

Dance is specifically shown to greet guests as noble heads of State, Ambassadors and other great guests. Gending Sriwijaya Dance Similar to tanggai dance, the difference lies in the use of the number of dancers dance and the clothing worn fixtures.

Tari Tanggai

Tari Tanggai is a dance that was shown in a traditional wedding ceremony Palembang. The dance is usually served to welcome guests.

Teater Dul Muluk

Dulmuluk is traditional theater that flourished in South Sumatra. That said, the performing arts of poetry stems from Raja Ali Haji, a writer who had settled in Riau. Well, the work of this famous king and spread to Palembang.

Dulmuluk usually staged every wedding party. Sometimes dulmuluk can be held all night long. Although he had lost prestige, dulmuluk back now preserved by the younger generation through performances in schools.

Tenun Songket

Songket is a woven fabric which is made by adding the weft as a decoration, by inserting silver, gold or colored thread on the warp threads. Weaving has various motives, such as: lepus, jando beraes, bunga inten, tretes midar, pulir biru, kembang suku hijau, bungo cino, bunga pacik, and many more.